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Bringing The Tech Funk - Live at Progressions

Another fun night. This time I was at Progressions whichs is part of the monthly events called Pulsar. Pulsar is usually a Psy Trance affair but every now and then they do a showcase of techno and progressive house called Progressions. The vibe was nice when I walked in. Older peeps, getting down to the house vibes. Good times. I got on the decks for my house set and had an amazing time. The shots of Patron kept coming while I was providing the house and tech beats. You can't beat that. Hope you enjoy my live set from that night. 


Noah Pred – “Motive Unknown” (Highgrade Records Germany)
D-Nox & Beckers – “In The Box” (Suara)
Catz ‘n Dogz – “Bring Me That Water” (dirtybird)
Sanny Serrano & Piek – “We Feel House Music” (Brise Records)
Mountage – “Clip One” (Material)
Do Santos - “No Comprendo” (Hotfingers)
Luca Morris – “Senorita Fly” (Terminal M)
Olivier Giacomotto – “Leche De Tigre” (Definitive Recordings)
Marco Faraone – “Easy” (Material)
Bart Skils – “Burin’” (100% Pure)
Mario Ochoa – “Taken” (100% Pure)