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Music for a Cause - Live at Will Spin For Food

I can't believe I forgot to post this on my blog site. On New Years Day I had the opportunity to DJ at  the last event at Spot 5150, home of Reset LA on Sundays in Hollywood. This event was over 18 hours long and featured over 40 DJ's. I wasn't on until 4:00 PM on New Years Day so I was well rested but you could definately see those who haven't been home yet and were still partying from the evening before. DIEHARD! Here is my set from that evening. It was a great time and there was huge canned food donation that went to the LA Pantry. All in all, iit was a great party with a great cause. Enjoy the set.


Sante & Sidney Charles - "Big Badda Boom" (Kling Klong)
Damir Pushkar - "UBahn" (Flat Belly Recordings)
Redondo - "Can't Keep Up" [Sideburn Remix] (Witty Tunes)
Mihalis Safras - "Aparatamas" (Material)
Sergio Fernandez & David Lara - "Deepha" (Suara)
Kaiserdisco - "La Benjamina" (KD)
Ron Costa - "Crackhouz" (Monique Speciale)
Sinisa Tamamovic & Jay Lumen - "Yeah Mann" (Form)
Alex Tepper & Sante - "Perspective" (Monique Speciale)
Bass Kleph - "Riff Machine" (1605)