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Thee-O Opening for Nadia Ali at Sutra

On Thursday, September 20th, Thee-O will be DJing at Sutra in Orange County. He will be opening for progressive house siren, Nadia Ali. The club is expecting a pretty packed house for this event so please get their early. The first 100 people get in for free and please "Thee-O" for entry. For tickets you can go ahead and click on this link.


Out Now! "Last Night's Transgressions" on Aquasound

Thee-O once again teams up with his good friend Von Ukuf for a release on the Drops sublabel, "Aquasound". They get a little deeper on this track than their earlier stuff and it has received quite a bit of buzz. The remix by Ill Cows is also a tasty bit of deep house and works a floor well. Take a listen below and purchase it on Beatport today.


New track signed to Dustcity Music

Thee-O just signed the contract to his newest track "Feel The Heat" to El Paso label, "Dustcity Music". Dustcity has been around for a while now and has recently relaunched the label with a lot of killer tracks and artists. We are proud to have this track come out on such a great label. Remixes are in the works and details on the release are forthcoming.

New Mix For Download - Live at Stealth 3

This was a crazy underground event. The location was a auto mechanic shop in a sketchy part of Long Beach. There were still cars in the shop that people had to walk around to get to the storage rooms that were used for the party. CRAZY! The vibe was sick and I had a great time DJing at such a unique spot. This set was recorded live at Stealth 3 and if you are in LA, when Stealth 4 happens, make sure you check it out.


Out Now! "African Rain" on Sounds of Juan

Going back to a more tribal sound for his next release Thee-O, has found a home with Sounds of Juan for his new single, "African Rain". The dark percussive track works well late into the night and there is also a equally impressive remixes by Matt Whittet and Visitor 7 included in the package.  Take a listen below and purchase it on Beatport today.


New track signed to 1980 Recordings

Thee-O and DayV just signed their new track "Do What You Do" to 1980 Recordings out of the UK. This new song is a techno stomper with a spoken word vibe. This track fits perfectly with this label which also previously released Thee-O's "Acid Reign" track. Remixes so far confirmed by Rob Nutek and Slighter.  More information soon on this upcoming release.

Video from Temple of Bass (07/14/12)

What an adventure. It felt like it took forever to get this party, but boy was it worth it. Thee-O made the trek deep into the National Angeles Forest above Castiac Lake and Lake Hughes for a epic forest event. The DJ's were DJing from within a Pyramid with visuals being displaed on it while bumping sound feed the house music to the people. Here is a short clip from the event.


Out Now! "Say Your Prayers" on Loöq Records

Thee-O's brand new track is quite the departure. He is actually singing on it. It is a Depeche Mode inspired bit of Techy Post Rave music that seems to fit a label such as Loöq Records. Along with the moody original, there are top notch remixes by Von Ukuf and DJ Stellar along with Andrew McDonnell.  Take a listen below and purchase it on iTunes today.


New Mix For Download - Live at Spundae

Spundae is BACK! Located at Vanguard in Hollywood, Spundae is trying to offer something different than the usually normal Hollywood clubbing experience. Luckily Thee-O has been able to host the terrace twice since it has opened and it looks like hopefully it can turn into a monthly residency for him. Here is his live set from May 12th. Hope you enjoy it.


New Track Signed To Sounds Of Juan

Thee-O's new track, "African Rain", has been signed to Sounds of Juan from the UK. This label is a side label of Endemic Digital which was created by producer and DJ Wez Saunders. The new track is a dark tribal stormer with remixes being worked out right now. Look for it to come out near July 2012.

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