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The Electric Company - (04/19/14)

Stylus will be DJing along with legendary H-Foundation member, Halo Varga at The Electric Company. This is a underground one room house and tech-house event in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. If you are looking for where the vibe, you just found it. See you there. For more info and to RSVP for this event go ahead and click here.


A benefit for Kristina Wilson - 04/18/14

Fellow Los Angeles DJ, Low Key, recently lost the mother of his children. These 2 little girls have had their mother taken from them at too early of an age and the family needs help with burial costs and other expenses. This party is to benefit and raise funds to help the family of Kristina Wilson. Please come by and donate. For more info you can go ahead and click on this link.


Open Ears = Open Minds (04/12/14)

The return of Biohazard? Maybe! Thee-O, Tony Gamboa and Darius Aleksandar (AKA DJ Omar) are combining forces for a monthly underground event that will bring you the latest in upfront underground music. The location that is being used is a beloved underground spot that is commonly used for "Burner" parties. You gotta see it to believe it. Come on down and get connected. For more info you can go ahead and click on this link.


Viva La Tech Presents: Tech Support w/ Angel Alanis

Ready for Techno? Angel Alanis with Maria Goetz, Stylus, Charles X, DayV, Midnite Ariel and Steven Andrew. Viva La Tech is in the house. Secret location. To find out about where the show is tonight, find someone that knows or email

FAQ about Tech Support this Friday:

Is this located in the Los Angeles area?


Is this 21 and over?


What is the door price?

$10 before 11PM - $15 the rest of the night

Will there be any EDM/Trap/Bass Music at this event?

No. This will be a Techno and Tech House event only. No Wobbles. Sorry.

Is there a bar? lush.

Will I have a good time?

Do you like to dance to Techno? Yeah? Well shit yeah you will!!

Are you sure there isn't any other EDM here?

Yes. Sorry. Don't bug the DJ asking for anything. Unless you are requesting Freebird. That would crack me up.

You got any Molly?

Not for you.

Why should I support this event with my hard earned cash?

Because we like you. And we like the fact that you like good music. Don't you want to support good music? 10 to 15 bucks isn't a lot of dough these days for a good party. With clubs charging 50 bucks to get in and festivals charging your first born and a box of smokes, this is a real bargain. No one is getting rich here. We just want to have a good time.

Is Angel Alanis playing EDM?

Please don't come to this show.

Thanks.For more info you can go ahead and click on this link.


New Mix For Download - Live at Re:Love

You know Spring is in the air in Los Angeles when the park parties on Sundays start to happen. Re:love on March 23rd was one of the first and possibly one of the best. The vibes and family feeling were second to none. People were grooving to the house sounds all day long. This is a hour of Thee-O's set from that special day. We hope you enjoy.


Sunday in the Park - Re:Love - 03/23/14

What is better than House Music on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the city of LA? Not much! Thee-O will be making his debut at the popular underground house park party this Sunday. He will be closing out the night at around 7PM. Just in time for that sunset! Other DJ's include founder, Brett Wallace, Big Cee, Dougal, Kenny Summit and much much more. For more info you can go ahead and click on this link.


Eternal with Juan Atkins - 03/22/2014

Thee-O will be DJing after the legendary Godfather of Techno, Juan Atkins at Eternal. This event will go down in secure mountain campground with amazing views above San Diego. Eternal will host 3 areas of sound with some of the best DJ's from Los Angeles and San Diego pushing out Techno, Ambient and other forms of Electronic Music. For more info you can go ahead and click on this link.


The Double Dutch in Las Vegas - 03/15/14

It has been a minute since Thee-O has been in Las Vegas and he is making his return at the Beauty Bar this Saturday night. This venue is off the strip and located in Downtown Las Vegas. If you are in Las Vegas and looking for some proper house and tech to get down to, then this is the place. For more info you can go ahead and click on this link.


The Game of Tech - 03/01/14

Thee-O is heading back down to San Diego to drop some solid Techno at the event The Game of Tech. This is a arts and music warehouse event that is primarily focusing on techno music. If you are in the area and looking for a solid event with a lot of great music then this is the one for you. Thee-O is on from 2am to 4am. For more info you can go ahead and click on this link.


Stylus on Powertools (Power 106) (02/22/14)

Stylus will be featured this weekend on the long standing mix show, Power Tools, on Power 106 in Los Angeles. The duo of Robtronik and Thee-O will also be interviewed by host Swedish Egil. It is will be a great night of music as Paul Oakenfold and AC Slater will also be featured. For more info and go ahead and click here.


Thee-O, Swedish Egil and Robtronik

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