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Mojo's Dojo (Radio Show)

So Kandyman (aka Koko B) is one of the first people I met in the Los Angeles Rave scene. The story goes that the first rave I went to was called Messiah and it was held at La Casa in downtown LA in February of 1992. There was a guy throwing blow pops from the stage. I remember catching one and thinking how cool and random at the same time. At the end of the night I collected all the flyers for the upcoming events. I then went home and worked on a techno mix in my garage. Later I would call all the voicemails on all of the events and introduce myself as a DJ. I would also play a little of my mixtape over the phone on these messages. I didn't think anyone would actually get back to me but I still needed to hustle. A few days later, someone did call, and wanted me to open at his event called "Under The Candyground' in March of 1992. That person was The Kandyman! I went over to his house and we started playing records together. We soon started a DJ partnership and started playing raves together. The rest, as they say is history.....

It is my pleasure to be DJing with my old partner, for fellow old schooler Mojo on his show for I hope you can tune in and check it out. For more info make sure you click on this.


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