New Mix - Deep Moments (December 2015)

I was asked to provide a mix by LRCN for the DI.FM 16th Anniversary Progressive Special that was aired over the weekend of December 11th. Since I just got a new DJ Set up (another blog post about that soon), I was wanting to play with it a bit and took this as a opportunity to test out the new system. I don't really play progressive anymore (at least what people say is progressive these days) so I took a more melodic deep house approach. To me these sounds remind me of what progressive trance and house was in the 90's. Deep, melodic, atmospheric, etc. This is a great mix for a Sunday chill session. Check it out!


Above & Beyond feat Zoe - “Fly to New York” [Tom Middleton Remix] (Ajunabeats)
Wish & Javier Orduna - “Earth Under Auroras” (Nightclours)
Zaki - "Beautiful Makings” (Mauk Music)
Ulf Bonde - “Blossom For Me” [Justin Jay Remix]
Edu Imbernon - “Fixing Fires” (Fayer)
Noir - “Luminere Brilliante” (NM2)
Mars Bill - “Sweet Delusion” (Intacto)
Andhim & Elderbrook - “How Many Times” [Kant Remix] (Black Butter Records)
P.A.C.O. & Chemical Surf - “Walking Back” [Tube & Berger Edit] (Kittball)
Sascha Braemer - “Monogomy” (Hive Audio)
Boss Axis - “Something Behind”