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Live at Soulful Sunday (08/02/15)

I really have to get better at this blogging thing. I mean I have things to say and opinions to share but for some reason I just can’t find the time to actually put them down in blog style format. I am going to try and change that up. So expect a few over the next few days as I get caught up on all my recent live mixes.

So Alhambra has been a House music hot spot lately. With Revival happening every Tuesday and now Soulful Sundays holding court on the upstairs patio at Fronteras Mexican Grill on Main Street, it is a good time to be a Househead on the Eastside.

I recently played twice at Soulful Sundays with Steve Loria on both dates. This set is from the first date in early August. It was a great time with a packed floor and a great vibe. During the middle of my set I mixed in a little freestyle into my set as I could tell the crowd that was there would appreciate the mini flashback. So turn this out and get your groove on. Look for me to come back to Soulful Sundays soon.