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New Reef Project & Michael Fisher Release - "Anemone" EP


It has been a few years since I released my last Reef Project efforts on System Recordings. I have been meaning to start on an album but time has got the best of me. In the summer of 2014, my friend from my day job, Michael Fisher sent me some stems of some tracks he created and we started to collaborate on some of his songs. I was also working on a few tracks of my own in the same vein so he came over and added his touch to things as well. When all was said and done, we had 5 tracks finished that we thought worked well as an EP. I approached System Recordings who has regularly pushed out my Reef Project albums for the past 7 years and they were up for releasing it. It recently had a wide release and you can find it on iTunes, Amazon and most major digital music stores.

You can take a listen to the EP below via Soundcloud as well. Michael and I are currently working on some tracks that could be part of a larger piece. Either way, it is nice to be creative in this style of electronic music. Hope you enjoy.