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Live at re:love (03/26/16) w/ Jason Blakemore & Bret Wallace

What a stressful but fun day. Dougal and I were running the event and we faced nothing but issues in the beginning. The park was packed due to it being Easter and the spot we usually ran was already over ran with families celebrating the holiday. So we looked around the park and found an ideal spot. The sound guys came and started unloading but I didn't see them unpack any DJ gear. My fears were realized when they confirmed they they only brought sound. I had to run back home and grab my XDJ's and Mixer. Luckily the first DJ was on a controller and laptop so this allowed me time to head back home and make it back in the nick of time. Bret and I were going to close out the show together doing a back to back set but when Jason Blakemore got there and asked to join us, well we knew it was going to be a good time.

We each played two tracks at a time and just went round robin style until the end of the night. It was a fun playing off them and trying to work in our various styles into a cohesive sound. So go check this out and download it. I think you will dig it.

Live at re:love (08/30/15)

Man, I need to get on the ball. Part of my 2016 hopes for myself is to keep consistent with my blogging and content on my site. I am not doing a good job. I have some back log to get through so please forgive me. Here is one them. This is my mix from the re:love day party at the end of August 2016. It was a great party, a little warm but the vibe was magical as you can tell from the pic above. I started off my set with some classic Ice Cube and then I get into that Sunday park party vibe. Take a listen and download that shit. Enjoy :)